Photography Through Inspiration and Exploration


Through the medium of Fine Art Photography Helen McLeod has learnt to train her mind to see the creative possibilities in any situation, no matter how ugly they may be.

She has won a number of prestigious medals and awards within NZ and internationally with her photographic work and audio-visuals.

As a result she has been exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.


Helen's photographic work has won her a number of accolades both in New Zealand and overseas.

Most notably:

Gold in the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers Iris Awards

Gold in the Queensland International Digital Circuit (Aus)

Gold in the NZ International Salon (three times)

Gold in the North Shore Salon of Photography (twice)

Gold in Creative Focus (twice)

Gold in the Dunedin Festival of Photography

Gold in the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy (AV) (twice)

Gold in the PID AV Competition (USA)

Silver in the Maitland International Salon of Photography (Aus)

Silver in the NZ International Salon (twice)

Silver in the Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape Salon

Silver in the 4 Nations Photographic Salon (Canada)

Silver in the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy (AV) (twoce)

Bronze in the Photographic Society of NZ National Exhibition (three times)