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These workshops are designed to get you thinking about some creative ideas - some may be obvious, the others not quite so obvious. Some post-production knowledge is required for these courses as the use of masks, layers and adjustment layers features heavily in each of the workshops.

The numbers are limited so that everyone has a chance to capture components of imagery for themselves and so that the tutor can see how well everyone is grasping a concept. It is held in a nurturing environment and the numbers are limited to encourage confidence and a sense of fun. No question or idea is a stupid one and full participation is required of everyone so you all get something from the workshop.

The course fee includes a light lunch and comprehensive notes for you to refer back to at a later date.

Course Fee: $375

(approx 8 hours)

Other dates can be arranged by mutual agreement. Please use the Contact Page to send an email to us regarding this.

Creative Techniques 1

On this day workshop you will actively capture images so that you can use them in the future to create your own pieces of Fine Art Photography.

We begin the day looking at and gathering images of textures and then learn how to apply them to change the mood and feel of an image.

From here we learn how to turn your signature and other items into brushes and how to creatively apply them to images - we even give them a three dimensional feel.

Enhancing our processing skills we learn to place objects into bottles to tell a story and then we use some of our previously learnt ideas to enhance this image even further.

Lastly we have fun with smoke and mirrors to produce entirely unpredictable images never seen before.

Creative Techniques 2

We start this fun filled workshop by gaining the skills to produce, and use, our own photographic borders to lift our pieces of Fine Art Photography to a more completed product.

On this day workshop you will gain skills that will enhance your portraiture into the realms of Fine Art Photography. We achieve this by learning about the use of Double Exposures.

Weather permitting, we then travel outside to capture images to turn them into planets. We will also learn a less complicated way to transform a single image into a different looking spherical arrangement.

Creative Techniques 3

Don't have a Tilt-Shift lens but love the effect that one produces? Learn to remedy this in Photoshop.

The family portrait has been around since our ancestors used to paint on cave walls. It's great to have a record of a precious family moment, but sometimes have you ever wished these images could be just a little bit different? We will look at a novel way to present family photos with a retro treatment that is very easily applied.

Lastly we will turn part of an image into a metallic item that has realistic reflections. Sounds complicated? It only uses Layer Styles and Clipping Masks so isn't really that daunting!

Creative Techniques 4

Ever wondered what you or your friends would look like with some tribal or classic tattoos? Here's a great way to find out without the need for any ink!

Next we will use several techniques to create a surreal water-drop effect - this alternatively could be used to produce an image inside a bubble!

There are many photographers out there taking portrait images, so how do you stand out from the many depicted on the internet? Here is one way that portrays a face broken down and re-imagined using organic shapes, elements and texture. It's a prime example of how Photoshop can help you produce complex visuals with a layered approach.