Photography Through Inspiration and Exploration


Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography sounds intimidating but the reality is that it is essentially the same thing as personal photography, that is, personal art created through the medium of photography.

Fine art photography is a wide-open genre that can encompass many different types of imagery. In this gallery are some examples of how Helen McLeod expresses herself and a peek into her photographic soul.

Photography has taught her that it is possible to train your mind to see the creative possibilities in any situation no matter what they may be.

Other pieces of Helen's Fine Art Photography can be viewed by appointment.

Adam's Apple

Introspective Self

Feather Brain

When Butterflies Gather

Up Rooted in a Bubble

Go Fly a Kite

Winter is Coming

The Reality of a Green Image

Plastic Fantastic

Power to the Masses


Foreign Bodies of our Oceans

Disclaimer:  while these images depict topics current in today's conversation, they do not necessarily reflect the views of the artist.  Instead, they are a visual interpretation of society's conflicts.

Fine Art Audio Visuals

Deconstruction Reconstructed

Here is my attempt at regaining control following the events of the Canterbury quakes.

Death is an Art

Death and close encounters can bring us a renewed outlook on life and death itself.  Here is my interpretation.

This AV won a Gold medal in the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy and the Paul Kennedy Trophy.