Photography Through Inspiration and Exploration


Photographic Services

Helen McLeod's experience is not just in education.  She is also happy to photograph almost any genre of photography including, but not limited to, events, weddings, products and commercial items.

Commercial Photography

Images for catalogs, websites, brochures and books are happily captured to meet the demands of your industry.  Please use the Contacts page for any inquiries.

This AV won a Silver medal in the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy  and won the Paul Kennedy Trophy..

Hunting/Fishing Photography

As a landscape photographer and a hunter Helen is able to capture for you, or your clients, the raw emotion, hard work and triumph expressed during a hunt.

Helen is able to offer the full chase of the hunt in a manner that you can revisit over and over again.

An AV of still photographs will enhance and support the magnitude of what you experience in the high country in a form that you can share with your mates. Your bragging rights will be relived as you watch this in the comfort of your home.

She not only captures you during the hunt but incorporates landscape photographs of the area in which you find yourself stalking your animal. Animal images are also added to your record of events.


Event Photography

Here at 2 Galleries - 4 Seasons Photography we don't let a little bit of mud get in the way of obtaining awesome photographs for our clients!  A fun weekend of photography was had by all.

Event Photography

In 1914 ten thousand horses left NZ s​oil to assist overseas during World War 1.  Of these only four returned at the end of the war.

2 Galleries - 4 Seasons Photography was asked 100 years later to record the commemoration service held in North Canterbury.  It was our privilege to do so.

This AV  won the Paul Kennedy Trophy.

Special Photography

"Excited to have a professional photo session with this beast today....watch this space!!"

Dianne J.

They say never work with animals - this photo shoot was such a blast and Notty was so well behaved.  

Nothing Dianne nor I asked of him was too much.