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Wabbit's Message in a Bubble


Wabbit hopped into my life (and my camera bag) on a very blue-skied, harsh sunlit day. He came to the rescue when my photographic intentions were foiled by beautiful weather again and again and again...

When I first met Wabbit I hadn’t realised that he in fact, had a speech impediment and thought “Wabbit” was his name – I could have sworn that was what he said, and he did, but what he was trying to tell me was his name was really “Rabbit”. We laughed and laughed – thankfully his sense of humor is the same as mine!

Wabbit is bit of a gypsy and loves to travel – first class, now that my camera bag has become a burrow. He has both an adventurous and naughty character which comes through when he models for me. When I discussed shooting “Wabbit Stew” with him, at first he was reticent – trust was an issue for him, but slowly he came to like the idea and off we went shooting many potentially scary images.

Wasted Wabbit is our favourite image, and so it should be as it took a number of bottles of wine to get Wabbit in the right frame of mind. An expensive shoot at $35 a bottle! A true Central Otago bunny he likes the finer things in life.

Wabbit Barrier was another fun shoot – Wabbit didn’t understand the concept behind this image until I explained it to him – he can’t read you see.

Wabbit still inhabits my camera bag – I only wish he would clean out the remains of his carrots on a more regular basis! He has joined by his cousin Warren now and we are both trying to talk him into modelling alongside Wabbit. Not a lot of room in my bag for my camera gear anymore!

|  Helen McLeod  |

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